devfs.conf support for wildcarded devices

Jesse Guardiani jesse at
Mon Jan 12 07:47:31 PST 2004

Sean McNeil wrote:

> I saw a previous post once on this, but I haven't seen support for
> wildcards implemented.  I've gone ahead and tried what I think is a
> workable mechanism to support this.  Please let me know if this would do
> what I think people are interested in (it does what I want ;)

Why bother? Use the rule system and put something like this in /etc/rc.local:

# devfs permission changes for userland digital camera access
devfs ruleset 10
devfs rule add path 'ugen*' mode 664

# devfs permission changes for userland external HDD (usb & firewire) access
devfs rule add path 'da*' mode 664

That's what I do.

AFAIK, /etc/devfs.conf only works for static devices. If a device is created
dynamically it probably won't apply the permission changes. The rule system,
on the other hand, works well all the time.

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