ATA CMD649 UDMA100 Controller Warnings

sos at sos at
Mon Jan 12 06:23:29 PST 2004

It seems Jörg Peter Schley wrote:
> Hello,
> i did an fresh install of my system with an FBSD51-Release CD, cvsupe'd to 
> 5_2_releng.
> After make buildworld, make kernel, reboot, i get some WARNING messages 
> concerning my ATA-Controller (CMD649 UDMA100). see dmesg output under.
> The warnings apear also without 'boot -v'. The Harddisk connected to this 
> controller seem to work.
> The warnings do also apear if i boot with the 5.2-RC2-CD.
> they don't apear with 5.1-R

You have interrupt routing problems I'd say...

If you can try to upgrade the kernel to -current...

                     Yes I know it works under windows!!

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