off-by-one error in ip_fragment, recently.

David Gilbert dgilbert at
Sun Jan 11 21:10:48 PST 2004

One more update before I go to bed.  On major change in if_gre.c has
been to change

gh->gi_len = m->m_pkthdr.len;


gh->gi_len = htons(m->m_pkthdr.len);

... which is a fairly semantic change.  Now ip_output() is called
immediately after that ... and ip_output seems to expect the length in
the packet to still be host order because it has:

	if ((ifp->if_snd.ifq_len + ip->ip_len / ifp->if_mtu + 1) >=

as one of the first things that are done with ip->ip_len... or am I
mussing that up?

ip_output then goes on to call htons() on ip->ip_len many more times,
and I'm too tired to track it reliably.

But, if I revert the change in if_gre.c, the kernel doesn't crash
... but the gre tunnel also doesn't work.  It would appear the byte
swap happens a few more times before ip_fragment().

But... what I do know is that in the -CURRENT code, the values that
arrive in ip->ip_len in ip_fragment() from the gre tunnel are the
byteswapped values from m->m_pkthdr.len above.

... which makes me wonder if this is a showstopper ... that
ip_fragment() is broken in some general way.


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