audio cd problems

Evan Dower evantd at
Sun Jan 11 13:57:06 PST 2004

For quite some time, I've had audio cd related issues with recent 
-current's. First, upon inserting an audio cd, it usually takes a long time 
to be recognized. That is, audio cd players will deny that there is a cd in 
the drive for 10-15 minutes, before finally being able to play it. Also, cd 
ripping ports (both cdda2wav and cdparanoia) haven't been working. I was 
recently able to get cdparanoia working for a little while, but now it 
doesn't work again. I upgrade ports once or twice a day, and install 
-current world around once a week. If there is something I can do to fix the 
problem (perhaps there is some sort of configuration issue) I'd love to hear 
it. On the other hand, if it seems to be something in the code, I'd be more 
that happy to provide as much info as possible. My cd drive is recognized as 
acd0: CDRW <TDK CDRW161040X> at ata1-master PIO4

Thanks very much,
Evan Dower
Undergraduate, Computer Science
University of Washington
Public key:
Key fingerprint = D321 FA24 4BDA F82D 53A9  5B27 7D15 5A4F 033F 887D

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