5.2-RC and kern.maxpipekva exceeded

Roman Streltsov warlock at voip.kg
Fri Jan 9 22:11:17 PST 2004

Hello current,

I'd got message after simultaneous coredumping network program (I suspect pipe 
leak in code) and failing of watchdog shell script.

kern.maxpipekva exceeded, please see tuning(7).

I guess I should tune 
kern.ipc.maxpipekva and kern.ipc.maxpipekvawired

But I haven't any clue how to make the watcher is reliable. Statment like 
PIDS=`ps -ax | grep -v grep | grep mydaemon | awk '{print $1}'` looks like 
potential troublemaker.

For RC that is odd behavior and on 5.1 (and earler) box I hadn't never see 
synchronous fails for several programs.

By the way, there wasn't any mention about kern.maxpipekva in tuning(7)

Could somebody give me idea how resolve the trouble?

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