beastie boot menu, 4th (forth)

Scott Long scottl at
Fri Jan 9 14:34:30 PST 2004

Roman Neuhauser wrote:
> I have two related questions, one being more appropriate for current@,
> the other for hackers@, but they're quite the same thing, so sorry for
> the cross-post, I hope it's tolerable (I bet this won't solicit many
> replies :).
> I dislike the boot menu in CURRENT, and would prefer something that
> * doesn't rob me of the text output so far
> * displays no mascots or other visual noise

As was pointed out, adding 'beastie_disable=YES' to /boot/laoder.conf
will do the trick.

> Here's the question perhaps more appropriate for hackers@:
> I looked into ripping the ascii-art out, but am quite scared. However,
> forth looks like it's an interesting (love/hate kind of thing) language,
> and I'd like to get my hands on it. Can anyone recommend good (or just
> any, really) introductory material? google quickly degrades into misses,
> and just a few even of those.

A good link to start with is:

We use FICL, which is a particular implementation of Forth.

> And here's the one for current@:
> Failing the above query, does anyone have a replacement that meets my
> requirements? (But I'd really prefer hacking it myself, so links to
> tutorials are awarded with more points than off-the-shelf programs. :)
> TIA && HAND!

The only point for putting the mascot onto the screen was to fill unused
space next to the menu.  I you want to keep the menu and remove the
mascot, just remove the line in beastie-menu that calls print-beastie.
For astetics, you could then reformat the menu dimensions to take up the
whole screen.  Of course, leaving the menu on the screen at all defeats
your first goal mentioned above.


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