FW: [PATCH] SysKonnect Yukon driver promiscuous mode fix

Hugh Brown hbrown at dyaptive.com
Fri Jan 9 11:21:49 PST 2004

I finally got a chance to try the sk0 patch (the one against -stable).
It applied cleanly and compiled just fine, but I'm still seeing the
same behaviour I did before:  rtsol will not work unless I put the 
card into promiscuous mode using tcpdump.

Just to recap, I'm trying this with a 3Com 3c940 on an Asus P4P800
motherboard, and I'm using 4.8, with the sk driver grabbed from
4-RELENG.  My original post can be found at:


My apologies for not being strictly on-topic -- I do realize that
not using -CURRENT messes with things a bit.  Please let me know
if there's anything else I can do.  Again, I'd be happy to try any
other patches that might make this work.

Hugh Brown
hbrown at dyaptive.com

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