Installation hangs on TravelMate 800lci

Alexander S. Usov A.S.Usov at
Fri Jan 9 06:32:19 PST 2004

Hello All!

I have a problem trying to install 5.x on TravelMate 800lci notebook.

Trying to boot minidisk from 5.2-RC2 or snapshot from 07/01
hangs. Last message seen is:
Timecounter TSC frequency xxxx MHz
Timecounters ticks every 10 ms

enabling/disabling ACPI doesn't matter.

I have tried to create a minimal bootable CD using
boot.flp with "mkisof -b boot.flp boot.flp" with boot.flp
from 5.1, 5.2, 5.2-snap-0701.
In that case kernel boots, but it can't start sysinstall.
Booting verbosely one can see something like:

mounting root from /dev/md0xx
trying to run init from /sbin/init
trying to run  init from /stand/sysinstall

and it hangs again :(

Just for the protocol: boot.flp from 4.9 boots and starts sysinstall.

So the problem is: can somebody give me any recommendations on 
what should I do to install 5.2?

Can you send me a copy of the message as I am not following the
list at the moment.

Best regards,

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