[Fwd: Re: 5.2 USB + Bluetooth]

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Thu Jan 8 21:58:36 PST 2004

>> and why do i seem to have to do an l2ping to a device before
>> trying to connect to a service?  or am i misundersting more
>> than usual?
> what do you mean? does remote device refuses the connection
> unless you l2ping it? or you just do not see active baseband
> connection?
> please keep in mind that baseband connections will be
> automatically created on demand. also idle baseband connections
> will be disconnected automatically. this is done to reduce power
> consumption.

yep.  i think it may be a timing issue with the nokia 6600 and
palm t2.  still debugging.  but look at that first l2 ping time

# do-bt palm ping 
20 bytes from 00:07:e0:0e:24:28 seq_no=0 time=2089.554 ms result=0 
20 bytes from 00:07:e0:0e:24:28 seq_no=1 time=42.244 ms result=0 
20 bytes from 00:07:e0:0e:24:28 seq_no=2 time=56.052 ms result=0 

also, is there a hack for the palm t2 to allow serial port service
so i can use jpilot-sync over bt?


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