Immediate reboot after memory probe

Yu-Shun Wang yushunwa at ISI.EDU
Thu Jan 8 13:34:10 PST 2004

mjoyner wrote:
> Also seen here on a AMD Athlon.
> Work Around: Load Modules AFTER kernel boots.

Thanks! Newbie questions:

- How? (rtfm pointers to docs are more than welcome)

- What are the benefits (preload vs. not)?



> Yu-Shun Wang wrote:

>> Updated a couple of machines after the holiday and they blowed
>> up on me. :-) As said in the subject, after installing the new
>> kernel based on today's current, the machines (Dell duo Xeon
>> 2.4GHz with 1G RDRAM) would not boot, or more precisely they'd
>> immediately reboot after preloading the modules and showing
>> the CPU/Mem specs:

Yu-Shun Wang <yushunwa at>
USC Information Sciences Institute
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