FreeBSD Crashes with AMD

Don Lewis truckman at
Wed Jan 7 16:53:22 PST 2004

On  7 Jan, Scott W wrote:
> Daniel O'Connor wrote:
>>On Thursday 08 January 2004 09:53, David O'Brien wrote:
>>>>or so ago was very reasonably priced at the time and performs well.  My
>>>>suspicion is that the recent lack of ECC support may be due to AMD
>>>>wanting to move "serious" users over to their new 64 bit architecture.
>>>No, the problem is AMD isn't updating the 761 chipset to do 333 or 400
>>>FSB -- thus few want to use that chip set today.  AMD is not presureing
>>>VIA, ALI, nVidia, etc... to not produce ECC supporting motherboards.
>>Double negative? :)
>>It certainly irritates the crap out of me that you can't seem to buy an ECC 
>>board that will fit a modern Athlon in it :(
> I'm pretty sure the current line from Tyan does.  I've got an S2466 
> which isn't the most current (266 MHz FSB, although the FSB ratings are 
> truly misleading IMHO) which supports up to Athlon MP 2800+ CPUs SMP, or 
> single Athlon XPs, with a gig of ECC RAM in it as we speak.  I haven't 
> been completely thrilled with Tyan, primarily due to their pretty 
> limited BIOS and seeming incinations to not release many updates for 
> their boards, but it works well enough....I'm sure the 'replacement' to 
> the 2466 will continue to handle ECC any any decent server board will 
> (even if for some reason the 2466 doesn't have onboard SCSI :-( )

The fastest XP with a 266 MHz FSB that I found is the 2400+ which is a
lot slower than the XP 3200+ with a 400 MHz FSB. There are faster MPs,
but they are more expensive than the equivalent XPs.  If you are content
with a 266 MHz FSB, the few remaining AMD-761 uni-processor boards are a
lot cheaper than this board.

On the other hand, Intel 7205 based P4 boards are cheap, support ECC
RAM, and support processors up to 3 GHz and 533 MHz FSB.

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