FreeBSD Crashes with AMD

Don Lewis truckman at
Wed Jan 7 11:02:16 PST 2004

On  7 Jan, Daniel O'Connor wrote:

> Maybe, it seems to me that there is a huge gap between desktop and server..
> I stopped buying 'server' boards for work when they started having dual 
> ethernet and dual U160 SCSI - it is pointless to have such things for a 
> system which doesn't do much IO (ie use an IDE disk) and only has a modem 
> connection..
> Unfortunately there is not much of a middle ground, and ECC supporting boards 
> are hard to find if you don't want server boards (at least in my neck of the 
> woods). I'd be happy to be proved wrong :)

It's definitely getting more difficult that it used to be.  Take a look
at socket 370 boards with the Via Apollo Pro chipset.  They are starting
to get rare, but some are still available.  I haven't looked at P4
boards much, but the boards with the Intel 7205 chipset support ECC and
seem to be reasonably priced.  As I mentioned before, for the Athlon XP,
look for boards with the AMD-761 chipset.  They are getting rare and
don't support the latest Athlon XP's, but some are still available. The
Asus board doesn't support ECC, though.  Most of the AMD
64 boards support ECC, but are pricey.

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