growfs problem [was Re: Adding a drive in vinum]

Mathieu Arnold mat at
Tue Jan 6 23:50:08 PST 2004

+-Le 07/01/2004 13:30 +1030, Greg 'groggy' Lehey écrivait :
| On Tuesday,  6 January 2004 at 19:18:06 +0100, Mathieu Arnold wrote:
|> Ok, I could not wait, so I did :
|> a create with :
|> drive vinumdrive1 device /dev/ad3e
|> sd name data.p0.s1 drive vinumdrive1 len 0
|> then :
|> attach data.p0.s1 data.p0
|> That worked well, I had a 115GB volume, I now have a 301GB one, I'm
|> happy :)
|> Now, growfs, so, I launch it :
|> ...
|> new file systemsize is: 78997019 frags
|> growfs: wtfs: write error: 631976157: Inappropriate ioctl for device
| Can you check the state of the volume and its plexes and subdisks?  If
| they're all OK,, can you run this with ktrace?  I'd be interested to
| see what the ioctl is.

Damn, I would have sworn all subdisks were up, but, the new one was
"stale". I'm now running growfs again (and praying a bit too).
It has just borked with :

new file systemsize is: 78997019 frags
Warning: 4312 sector(s) cannot be allocated.
growfs: 308580.0MB (631971840 sectors) block size 32768, fragment size 4096
        using 417 cylinder groups of 740.00MB, 23680 blks, 47360 inodes.
        with soft updates
super-block backups (for fsck -b #) at:
619847872, 621363392,growfs: wtfs: write error: 622884032: Inappropriate
ioctl for device

because of I guess :
ad3: TIMEOUT - WRITE_DMA retrying (2 retries left)
ata1: resetting devices ..
ad3: FAILURE - already active DMA on this device
ad3: setting up DMA failed
vinum: data.p0.s1 is stale by force
vinum: data.p0 is corrupt
fatal :data.p0.s1 write error, block 380115538 for 32768 bytes
data.p0.s1: user buffer block 621369728 for 32768 bytes

I've redone it twice, and twice it did it at the same place.
Should I guess that my disk has a problem ?

for info, here are my vinum list and printconfig
3 drives:
D vinumdrive0           State: up       /dev/ad2e       A: 0/117800 MB (0%)
D vinumdrive1           State: up       /dev/ad3e       A: 0/190782 MB (0%)

1 volumes:
V data                  State: up       Plexes:       1 Size:        301 GB

1 plexes:
P data.p0             C State: up       Subdisks:     2 Size:        301 GB

2 subdisks:
S data.p0.s0            State: up       D: vinumdrive0  Size:        115 GB
S data.p0.s1            State: up       D: vinumdrive1  Size:        186 GB

drive vinumdrive0 device /dev/ad2e
drive vinumdrive1 device /dev/ad3e
volume data
plex name data.p0 org concat vol data
sd name data.p0.s0 drive vinumdrive0 plex data.p0 len 241254455s
driveoffset 265s plexoffset 0s
sd name data.p0.s1 drive vinumdrive1 plex data.p0 len 390721703s
driveoffset 265s plexoffset 241254455s

One strange thing lies in the 3 drived up there where there are only 2. I'm
wondering why there is written 3.

Mathieu Arnold
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