Zoom PC Card 56K/Intel PRO/100 PC Card

M. Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Tue Jan 6 13:43:58 PST 2004

In message: <20040106093852.O78161-100000 at moo.sysabend.org>
            Jamie Bowden <ragnar at sysabend.org> writes:
: First, the Intel card:
: xe0 doesn't start upon insertion for some reason.
: If I kldload if_xe.ko by hand first, then the driver attaches properly.
: I'm guessing adding 'device xe' to my kernel config would take care of
: this, but I would think that should be unecessary.

You are correct.  We don't have the automatic dynamic loading on card
insert feature working yet.  You can write a devd.conf rule for it, if
you like, but that's still a change.

: So all's mostly well there.  After an eject, the machine locked up on me
: once, but I can't seem to replicate it.  This is good; xe is now newcard.

That's a little odd.  I've only seen this sort of behavior on one of
my laptops.  It has a Ricoh 5c475 in it.  But it will freeze on insert

: start (40000000) < sc->membase (f6000000)
: end (ffffffff) > sc->memlimit (fbffffff)

Ignore this.

: CIS is too long -- truncating
: pccard0: Card has no functions!
: cbb0: PC Card card activation failed

Sadly, I have about 5 cards that do this, for reasons I've not been
able to track down. :-(.  What looks like is going on is that the CIS
isn't being mapped correctly.

: Having xe working is nice, but since bge works with the onboard
: controller, it's not strictly necessary.  The onboard PCTel softmodem is
: another story.  Does anyone else have one of these, and have they managed
: to make it work under 5.x?

Can't help you on the soft modem.


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