KDE stopped working after -current upgrade

Fabrizio Parrella fabrizio at nldesign.com
Tue Jan 6 06:38:39 PST 2004

I did have trhe same problem on my compaq 1800!!

I set the video card on VESA and KDE is started again!

Yesterday I cvsup the sources and compiled ONLY the kernel, and after that the 
KDE is started to works again also with the videocard configured.

give it a try...


On Monday 05 January 2004 04:52 pm, Garrett Wollman wrote:
> <<On Mon, 5 Jan 2004 16:42:45 -0500 (EST), Daniel Eischen 
<eischen at vigrid.com> said:
> > Make sure you have all the X/Qt/KDE binaries and libraries
> > built for only -lthr (you didn't mention rebuilding X above).
> > To make sure mixing libthr with libc_r or libkse as a problem,
> > you can use /etc/libmap.conf to force libthr for libkse and
> > libc_r.  If you still have crashes, then that might point a
> > finger at libthr...
> I built KDE a couple of weeks ago with PTHREAD_LIBS set to -lkse, and
> found libqt as the major culprit in this regard.  I created a
> libmap.conf and the problem was resolved.
> I was not able to even build kdebase without making this chage.
> -GAWollman
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