slow probe for ata channel with only an atapi master on it

Soren Schmidt sos at
Mon Jan 5 01:17:09 PST 2004

It seems Divacky Roman wrote:

> I have something similar but with different numbers of stat and error
> stat=0x50 err=0x50 lsb=0x50 msb=0x50
> something should be added to ata_reset to understand this

That will be difficult as stat=0x50 means <READY,SEEK_COMPLETE> and
that is a valid status for a device that is *present*.
That all regs apparently returns the same (bogus) values cannot be
safely used either, as that is typically also the case when a device
is about to become ready. However there might be a way to combine
the test for same values and looking for BUSY, but experience says
that we then will find new bogus devices that fails that as well..

The upshot is that I try to do what is possible to avoid the 
31sec delay that the spec calls for, but if you have HW that doesnt
comply you can in some situations get the delay, well, tough...

I just wish firmware writers would stick to the specs they are writing
against, but I guess that is just asking too much these days :(

                     Yes I know it works under windows!!

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