Atheros: ath0 problems

Marcos Biscaysaqu - marcos at
Sun Jan 4 19:25:00 PST 2004

Hi there.
    I been testing for acouple month the Atheros wireless as AP on BSD, 
I has the last version driver (1.38) running on my BSD-AP on 11b, I've 
got no Crashes problem but Im still with problem when I have some more 
hevy traffic, the wireless interface srtart to create Irrers and Orrers 
and that make the connections with the clients (I've got 32 clients on 
the BSD-AP) unstable and very slow with ping times as 1000 ms when 
normaly should be 2ms, This dosen't happend at all if I use a Prism card 
or a  good commercial AP.  I try with lot of differents card with the 
same final.
 the speed of the BSD-AP is faster than any commercial AP on 11b but the 
point-to-point (adhoc) dosen't work yet same to change things like 
RTS/CTS etc...
   Please  Somebody has this problems??, is possible fix it??

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