5.2-RC oerrs and collisions on dc0

Don Lewis truckman at FreeBSD.org
Sun Jan 4 12:41:25 PST 2004

On  4 Jan, Dejan Lesjak wrote:
> On Sunday 04 of January 2004 09:59, Don Lewis wrote:
>> When errors occur in full duplex mode, you might want to print the value
>> of
>> to verify that the full duplex bit is actually set.
> I put this right after
>                 if (txstat & DC_TXSTAT_ERRSUM) {
>                         ifp->if_oerrors++;
> it gives me 0x338c2203 and DC_NETCFG_FULLDUPLEX is 0x00000200, so as I 
> understand full-duplex is set. Also none of previous two suggestions made 
> difference. I also found this documentation:
> ftp://download.intel.com/design/network/manuals/27807401.pdf
> if it helps.

Interesting, this card appears to use the PCS interface instead of MII
(bit 23 is set).  Also bit 28 is set.  The 21143 documentation says this
is unused, but my copy of the 21140A documentation says this bit must be

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