LarsKöller lars at koellers.net
Sun Jan 4 08:05:24 PST 2004


Dear Doug,

I wish you a happy new year. I'm an old FreeBSD user and we have 
several rack mounted servers (Fujitsu Siemens) in our university 
computing center for mail virus scanning, www caching, etc.

All these boards support IPMI, and it would be nice to have an FreeBSD 
interface/user tools for it.

I notice that you have started to work on it, but it stopped since Aug. 

Are there any plans to integrate this in 5.X releases?

For enterprise usage of FreeBSD I think it is really important to have 
such an interface working for better management.

Best regards


Lars Köller
E-Mail: lars at koellers.net (LKoeller at FreeBSD.ORG)
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