new psm patch.

David Gilbert dgilbert at
Sun Jan 4 09:50:36 PST 2004

>>>>> "Philip" == Philip Paeps <philip+freebsd at> writes:

Philip> On 2004-01-02 14:00:08 (-0500), David Gilbert
Philip> <dgilbert at> wrote:

>> I was applying the psm patch posted here recently.  Not the one


>> As a note to the origional author, it seems that 'ipacket' is now
>> referenced by 'pb' rather than 'sc' in the driver.  It looks like
>> ipacket was a member of the sc structure but now is a sub-member.

Philip> Someone recently added some buffering code to psm, I updated
Philip> my local patch, but hadn't had time to furture develop it.

To some embarrasment, it would seem that I have the 'Glidepoint' pad
... or at least that's what the probe is finding.  Sigh.  Looking at
psm.c, only the 'tapping action' is supported ... and that not very
well.  I have a touchpad and a small joy stick that appear as one
device.  I gather that this is made by Glidepoint.  Is there any
documentation on this?  Now that I know I have a different touchpad,
I'd like to hack around on it.


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