Sound blaster live and onboard sound

Claude Buisson cbuisson at
Sat Jan 3 07:26:19 PST 2004

Kaarthik Sivakumar wrote:
> Hi
> I have a DELL 2400 that has an Intel i845GL based board. I am currently 
> running 5.2-RC2 on it, mainly to get support for the onboard Broadcom 440X. 
> This machine has onboard sound that has been turned off in the BIOS and there 
> is a SoundBlaster Live! card in it. I kldload-ed the emu10k1 module (and 
> later on just kldload-ed snd_drivers) but this sound card is not identified 
> and no pcm device shows up in dmesg. I have attached dmesg output for this 
> and the output of 'pciconf -lv', which shows the sound blaster card but with 
> no drivers attached to it.

Your card is a Dell-specific SoundBlaster Live! CT0200. Note:

 > none3 at pci1:6:0:	class=0x040100 card=0x10031102 chip=0x00061102
                                                    instead of 00021102
 >     vendor   = 'Creative Labs'
 >     device   = 'emu10k1x Soundblaster Live! 5.1'
 >     class    = multimedia
 >     subclass = audio

 > none4 at pci1:6:1:	class=0x098000 card=0x10031102 chip=0x70041102
                                                    instead of 70021102
 >     vendor   = 'Creative Labs'
 >     device   = 'SBLive! Value Gameport'
 >     class    = input device

which is NOT an emu10k1. Dell says it has a "software accelerated" DSP, 
needing a special driver à la Winmodem...

The only known (to me) working driver for this card is the non free OSS 
driver from 4Front. I tried it, but found it simpler to buy a real Sound 
Blaster Live!

> When I turn on the onboard sound in the BIOS, I see the 'pcm' line in dmesg. 
> What exactly should I be doing here to get the sound blaster card working? I 
> am still running the GENERIC kernel. I searched the archives of -current but 
> I havent found anything of use there.
> Thanks.
> kaarthik

Claude Buisson

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