new psm patch.

Rahul Siddharthan rsidd at
Fri Jan 2 12:40:19 PST 2004

David Gilbert wrote:
> I was applying the psm patch posted here recently.  Not the one that
> was for the Xserver, but the one that was for the moused operation.
> It didn't apply cleanly.  Included is a patch that applies to current
> with the same effect.  I would like to see discussion towards
> including this in -CURRENT as touchpad support is a hot laptop topic.

Good luck.  Marcin posted this nearly a year ago, on -hackers; a month or
so later, I send-pr'd the patch for the then-current -CURRENT,
and reported it on the mailing list.  A couple of users liked it, but
there was absolutely no feedback from any developers -- neither "it's
a good idea, let's merge it" nor "it's a good idea but not implemented
right" nor "we don't want it".  Apparently nobody particularly wants
the scroll-buttons on their touchpads to work :(

BTW, the above patch worked on my old laptop which had up and down
scroll buttons, but not on my newer laptop which has a bar on the side
for scrolling up and down.  On this laptop, there are two issues: 

(1) the thing is detected as a Microsoft IntelliMouse, unless I fiddle
    psm.c to probe for the touchpad first (what is a better way to deal
    with this?)

(2) if I do that, it is detected as a Synaptics touchpad, and the
    touchpad part of it works, but the scroll part doesn't -- it just
    behaves like a touchpad with left/right movement disabled, ie it just
    moves the mouse up and down.  I need to investigate more closely, it
    could be I just need to set some moused parameters. 


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