fsck on reboot in 5.x

Doug White dwhite at gumbysoft.com
Fri Jan 2 11:17:54 PST 2004

On Wed, 31 Dec 2003, Joan Picanyol wrote:

> [dropped dwhite from To:, I assume he doesn't need two copies]
> * Doug White <dwhite at gumbysoft.com> [20031231 04:02]:
> > > On a related isue, what does fsck do with fs's on vinum volumes with
> > > regard to sequential/parallel fsck'ing?
> > I'm not sure what you're asking about here. Vinum volumes are configured
> > before non-root filesystems are checked and mounted, so it would work the
> > same as non-vinum volumes.
> >From the man page:
>      In preen mode, after pass 1 completes, all remaining file systems are
>      checked, in pass number order running one process per disk drive in par-
>      allel for each pass number in increasing order.
> What does fsck consider a "disk drive" in the following setup?
> [joan at iaeste-catalunya:~]0 $sudo vinum ld
> D vermell               State: up       /dev/ad2s2d     A: 38435/74786 MB (51%)
> D verd                  State: up       /dev/ad0s2d     A: 38435/74786 MB (51%)
> [joan at iaeste-catalunya:~]0 $sudo vinum lv
> V tmp                   State: up       Plexes:       1 Size:       5119 MB
> V std-var               State: up       Plexes:       2 Size:       1024 MB
> V home                  State: up       Plexes:       2 Size:         10 GB
> V base                  State: up       Plexes:       2 Size:        512 MB
> V package               State: up       Plexes:       2 Size:       1024 MB
> V apps                  State: up       Plexes:       2 Size:       5120 MB
> V std-root              State: up       Plexes:       2 Size:        512 MB
> V aegee                 State: up       Plexes:       2 Size:         15 GB
> [joan at iaeste-catalunya:~]0 $

The volumes ('V' lines) are the "disk drives" here, since each contains
its own filesystem.  fsck only works on filesystems.

> Still on the fsck man page, what determines "bgfsck availability" as
> refered here?

background fsck requires that the filesystem is ufs and bgfsck has not
been disabled via a commandline flag (which gets set from rc.conf).

Don't stress bgfsck too much -- it takes care of itself. Your problem is
that the initial preen isn't getting run which usually happens if the pass
number is 0 (which means 'ignore').  Set the pass number on / to 1, the
rest of the mounted-on-boot filesystems to 2, and you should be fine.

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