Synaptics Touchpad xfree driver hack :)

Arne Schwabe arne at
Fri Jan 2 04:07:44 PST 2004

Marcin Dalecki <mdcki at> writes:

> Arne Schwabe wrote:
> > Hi,
> A long long time ago ... I solved this problem in a way
> relying on the fine mouse support infrastructure found in
> FreeBSD (aka mounsd). Hardware management and sharig it
> IMHO something kernels are for. This way even the mouse
> on console will still be available. Patch attached...

Hm that looks better then my code. But after my first it seems that it
misses the support for a second looptrhough mouse and emulation of a
mouse wheel. The first one should be not too difficult to support but
the 2. one will be more tricky imo.
I think I will look into it.



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