5.2-rc2 install problems

Scott Long scottl at freebsd.org
Thu Jan 1 21:16:28 PST 2004

jroes at 2mbit.com wrote:
> Installation fails with the following characteristics:
> 4.2-rc2 ISO mini   from ftp2.us.freebsd.org
> auto defaults, partitioning 14gb of unallocated space, mounted DOS
> partition as /win
> FTP install, DHCP-assigned address (ipv4) on rl0 (realtek ethernet driver)
> gateway (win2k box i have acting as router)
> install over FTP from ftp2.us.freebsd.org
> X-Developer, defaults
> ports: yes
> ---
> After everything goes in, I try to run xf86config via the sysinstall
> menus.  X starts fine, I change nothing, (it already detects I need to use
> the nv server, comp stats:  Philips 107S Monitor (used default monitor
> info), Geforce 3 (used nv, default), used default keyboard, used default
> mouse (i have a logitech mx300).  I click on quit and say yes to saving
> the configuration.
> I am returned to a sysinstall screen that is garbled, and I can barely
> read that it says there was an error in my xf86config, and wants to know
> if i want to try again.
> I hit yes, same thing occurs.  The 2nd terminal (alt-f2) shows that it
> caught a SIGILL.
> If, while in X, I use ctrl-alt-backspace, I can quit X and be returned to
> a clear sysinstall screen.
> Should I report this as a bug?

Yes.  Please file a PR and assign it to the re@ alias.


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