Installed 5.2RC from CDROM, fails to boot in manager

Clint Olsen clint at
Thu Jan 1 20:58:51 PST 2004

On Jan 01, Kevin Oberman wrote:
> Try re-writing the MBR. Use the fixit disk (ISO-2) to bring up th live
> system. Then enter the command: boot0cfg -o packet -B ad0 
> There are other options you might want to use, but this should work.
> (Read the man page.)

Thanks for the suggestion.  Incidentally, I did finally get the darn system
to boot, but I had to allow fdisk to determine the slices itself.  I
checked my old 4.7 machine, and apparently I didn't pay much attention, but
it also made 2 unused slices at each ends of the disk with the FreeBSD
slice in the middle.  I'd sure like to know why the blank slice is required
at the end of the disk...



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