Synaptics Touchpad xfree driver hack :)

Arne Schwabe schwabe at
Thu Jan 1 13:02:35 PST 2004

Norikatsu Shigemura <nork at> writes:

> On Fri, 2 Jan 2004 04:01:30 +0900
> Norikatsu Shigemura <nork at> wrote:
> > 	PC-MT2-F1), it looks good works.  I was impressed.  So I made a
> > 	port for synaptics driver.
> 	Oops, this has a bug. s/INSTALL_PROGRAM/INSTALL_DATA/ like
> 	following shar.
> 	Humm..  I like MinSpeed = MaxSpeed = 0.06 (noaccel).  I think
> 	that 0.02 is too late, and 0.10 is too fast.

Hm okay, I am quite lost now :) I don't almost nothing about ports and such
(beside installing then). Do I have do something with the stuff you
Sorry for the newbish questions.


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