Installed 5.2RC from CDROM, fails to boot in manager

Clint Olsen clint at
Thu Jan 1 12:55:13 PST 2004

On Jan 01, Ryan Sommers wrote:
> When you hit a key does anything show up on the next line after the
> bootmanagers prompt, like a - / \ | character? If not then your MBR might
> have been corrupted. Is it a constant tone or is it just an error beep
> when you hit a key? I don't remember if boot0 makes a beep on a bad key
> or not.
No, it doesn't show any sort of booting character.  It beeps no matter what
key I hit.  It just hangs there.  This is a 40G Maxtor drive I swiped out
of my Dell machine.

I had some fun running fdisk on this thing.  Fdisk could never get the
geometry right for this disk - but it did appear to be able to detect the
size correctly.  It kept trying to create 3 partitions, instead of the
usual 2 (the 0-63 partition 'hole' + the freebsd partition).

At any rate, I got the screen to appear largely like it does on the fdisk
menu in the FreeBSD Handbook (incorrectly guessing the disk size but at
least getting the number of partitions right).

> Is FreeBSD the only operating system you have on the system? You might
> try chosing not to use a boot manager if it is the only OS.

Yes, it's the only system.  I have the boot manager on my 4.7 machine, so I
didn't see any harm in using it again.  I actually want to install a second
disk with Windows on it so I can refer to it for emergency purposes.



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