Still IRQ routing problems with bridged devices.

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Thu Jan 1 07:51:40 PST 2004

On Wed, Dec 31, 2003 at 10:22:30PM -0700, M. Warner Losh wrote:
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>             Bernd Walter <ticso at> writes:
> : The board is an old Asus T2P4 with 3 bridged cards and $PIR table.
> : All IRQs behind bridges get bogusly IRQ4 instead of the right ones.
> : Is this only a problem on some boards or do we have a general irq
> : routing problem with bridges?
> It is a problem with some bridges and PCI BIOS interrupt routing.

The intline registers are correct - that's what used to run since years.
What has the kind of bridge to do with it?

> : At least I know that bridge irq routing works fine on alpha.
> : $PIR table claims to only have 7 entries - does this make sense for
> : a 4 slot board?
> Maybe you could post it.  It makes sense if you have on-board PCI
> devices.

Is it shown with a boot -v or how can I get it?
The board has 4 slots and the usual bunch of southbridge devices.

> : If this is a board specific problem - can we at least add a loader
> : variable to disable routing, so I don't have to patch the source on
> : every update and can run a standart boot disk again?
> Did it used to work when we were re-routing all the time?  It would be
> easy to add this as an option, but maybe understanding your setup
> might help a little to make our routing code a little smarter.

It never worked if FreeBSD decides which int to use.
I have to disable routing in pci.c to get back to intline entries.

What do you mean with "when we were re-routing all the time"?
If I don't get it wrong we are re-routing all the time and
take the result if it's a valid int.

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