Problem with sound in 5.3-BETA2

David Barbero sico at
Tue Aug 31 13:39:04 PDT 2004

when i compile the kernel, i see LINT and take exactly this line for 
the card:

device "snd_fm801"
device sound

but don't work...

I try to recompile kernel and load as module with kldload "snd_fm801".
if this don't work, I upgrade to -CURRENT and try.

the version of fm801.c work on 4.7 is:
FreeBSD: src/sys/dev/sound/pci/fm801.c,v 2002/08/30 14:52:45 
sobomax Exp


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El 31/08/2004, a las 22:18, Kevin Oberman escribió:
> I don't think the patch that allows devices ending in numerics to work
> properly has been committed to RELENG_5, so you need to enclose the 
> name
> in quotation marks. This is fixed in CURRENT and I suspect it will be 
> in
> RELENG_5 fairly soon.
> Until then, kldload "snd_fm801" has a better chance of working. (Or
> device "snd_fm801"
> if you are building it into the kernel.)
> If you actually tried to load with the quotation marks, please ignore
> this.

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