5.3 Beta2 bridging (update)

Dave McCammon davemac11 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 31 11:52:50 PDT 2004

original message with (syctl variables, ipfw output
and dmesg)


move cable from ip'd port to non-ip'd port
and ping known address.

ip'd port = em0
non ip'd port = em1

cvsupped sources today and rebuilt world and kernel
installed kernel
rebooted and installed world and mergemastered.

ng_bridge now works...but i need ipfw to filter
per interface and, by the man page, ng_bridge and ipfw
don't play together like that yet.
So, I need to use bridge(4) and that still doesn't

What I have found is I can ping the ip'd port(em0)
when the cable is plugged into the non-ip'd port(em1)
but cannot ping out em1 to other machines.

tcpdump -i em1 shows broadcast packets from other
machines but no ping packets during the above ping
"out" attempt. 

I attempted to force 100baseTX full-duplex instead of
auto-negotiate but it didn't work. (I thought maybe
something is quirky with the em driver and the

Any help or tips is greatly appreciated.

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