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Tue Aug 31 08:34:09 PDT 2004

On Tue, 31.08.2004 at 11:05:45 +0200, splinter cell wrote:
>    Hello , my kernel has crashed because i have nad lines in my
>    loader.conf :
>    netgraph_load="YES"
>    if_tap_load="YES"
>    ng_ether_load="YES"
>    ng_bridge_load="YES"
>    ng_socket_load="YES"
>    and i don't how to delete this lines because i am on ddb now.The
>    message of the panic :
>    panic: mutex "tapmtx" 0x0a27d80 already initialised.Anyone have a
>    solution for delete this lines in my /boot/loader.conf ?

In the loader, escape to the prompt, 'unload', 'load kernel', 'boot -s',
then 'mount -u /; mount /usr; vi /boot/loader.conf'

You did read UPDATING about recompiling the Netgraph modules?

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