5.3-BETA2 problems booting HP NetServer E60 both ACPI andnon-ACPI

Dennis Kjær Jensen signout at signout.dk
Tue Aug 31 06:25:26 PDT 2004

> > You can disable AGP with hints on recent -CURRENT versions.  Set
> > hint.agp.0.disabled=1 while in the loader(8), and see if that helps.
> Same same - the system locks up both with and without acpi

I actually managed to get it running without even having to turn any knobs
in loader(8)

BIOS upgrade from 4.06.25 PN to 4.06.26 PN solved the case.

According to HP:
"Fix hang problem during Windows 2000 installation on E60 systems with
motherboard containing a new version of Winbond Super I/O chipset

Apparently this also fixes hang problem with FreeBSD newer than 4.7
Why it broke somewhere between 4.7 and 4.8 is beyond me, but I don't really
care about that now :)

... Dennis

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