wscons from NetBSD

Matthew Reimer mreimer at
Mon Aug 30 09:24:50 PDT 2004

Anish Mistry wrote:
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> I'm in the process of trying to update a bunch of the USB HID code to be ba=
> ck=20
> in sync with NetBSD since there are numerous problems with our current code=
> =20
> that have been fixed for a couple of years now in the NetBSD code.  The maj=
> or=20
> problem that I'm running into is their dependency on wscons for a few of th=
> e=20
> drivers.  Has there been any work on porting wscons to FreeBSD?  It would=20
> make this import much easier and make future imports much simpler too.
> =2D --=20
> Anish Mistry

Are you also planning to bring over uhidev, so our USB keyboards with 
the nifty extra keys will work?


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