Panic 'kernel trap doesn't have ucred' in last night's -current

Julian Elischer julian at
Mon Aug 30 23:50:00 PDT 2004

Richard Todd wrote:
> In the freebsd-current mailing list I wrote last week:
>>Hi.  Upgraded to -current last night and got the following panic.  The panic
>>seems to be fairly repeatable and is triggered by a minute or so's worth of
>>database activity with mysqld.  The version of mysql is 3.23.58_1 from ports,
>>linked against libpthread; using libmap.conf to force usage of libc_r avoids
>>the panic, so it's definitely a thread/KSE issue.  (Also note the oddness
>>of the backtrace in the frames between doreti_ast and sched_switch -- is this
>>normal, is the stack mangled, or is gdb just hallucinating?)  My kernel config

I've been working on this and have some fixes on the way..

you might try tomorrow's -current as I just committed a possibly relevent

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