cvs-src summary for August 23-30

Jonathan jonathan.michael.stewart at
Mon Aug 30 18:54:03 PDT 2004

Mark Johnston wrote:

> Here's this week's summary.  As a side note, I discovered Synergy 
> ( today, and it made the summary-writing much more 
> pleasant, letting me flip my mouse cursor between the desktop I write the 
> summary on and the laptop I read the mail on, copying and pasting 
> transparently.  I highly recommend it if you run any kind of 
> multi-PC-on-one-desktop configuration.

This is one of the coolest and most handy things I have ever seen!  I 
can't say how well it works on the X side as my server is headless but 
on my XP desktop and laptop it ROCKS :D Sorry for the extra noise but if 
you have not looked at this and even occasionally use two computers at 
once it's well worth checking out!)

Excited with new program,

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