acpi_video on SONY VAIO PCG-Z1 [was: acpi_video users needed]

takawata at takawata at
Mon Aug 30 11:32:14 PDT 2004

In message <1093880373.3257.6.camel at localhost>, Vladimir Grebenschikov さんいわ
>On Mon, 2004-08-30 at 23:58 +0900, takawata at wrote:
>> >Hi
>> >
>> >Is any chance to make acpi_video work on SONY VAIO PCG-Z1 ?
>> >acpi_video.ko loads well, but does not report anything, and does not add
>> > subtree.
>> >
>> >Please advise.
>> Because the ACPI device object has not enough interfaces to get the
>> acpi_video driver work.
>> Acpi_video driver does not check PCI device class: it checks the 
>> interfaces instead. 
>> You don't need to bother attaching acpi_video driver.
>Ok, And what conclusion "no-way" ?

You may hack the driver to do so.:-)
But, in your machine, the driver does not work anything but
recognize that the video adaptor has 3 way output. And
you can't use acpi_video, if you want to use DRM or nvidia kernel module.

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