Damian Gerow dgerow at
Sun Aug 29 19:25:32 PDT 2004

Thus spake Doug White (dwhite at [29/08/04 19:07]:
: Please try the patch at:
: Seems to test out OK on my ancient Hauppauge WinTV card.  These options
: must not be a frequently used combination since its been months since this
: stuff was touched last. There was a PR that fixed a compile bug in one
: file related to the smbus option but must not have been tested with the
: msp stuff too.

Actually, I since found out that using those options (I think it might have
been BKTR_USE_FREEBSD_SMBUS, but I'm not sure) completely broke my bktr(4)
device.  I yanked 'em all, and I'm running just fine.  Though I'd like to
see if ..._MSP34XX_DRIVER changes anything, as I've got mono sound coming
out of a stereo device.

Thanks for the patch, I'll try a compile (though I'm sure if it works for
you it'll work for me).

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