suggestion for /usr/src/UPDATING

David O'Brien obrien at FreeBSD.ORG
Sun Aug 29 14:34:49 PDT 2004

On Sun, Aug 29, 2004 at 07:10:44AM -0700, Kenneth Stailey wrote:
> Can a one-line example of how to invoke adduser to add new accounts like
> "proxy" be added to /usr/src/UPDATING?  That way people could just
> cut-and-paste the accounts into place when upgrading.

I've been trying to get RE@ to embelish this script and commit it to
RELENG_5 to help with things like this:

$ cat /usr/src/
#! /bin/sh

#	Some people don't read hier(9) and symlink /tmp and /var/tmp,
#	and /tmp can get cleared...

SENTINEL=/$(basename %0)

if [ ! -f ${SENTINEL}.kernel-done ]; then
	make buildworld && make buildkernel
	# install /boot/device.hints
	make installkernel
	# install new loader
	touch ${SENTINEL}.kernel-done
	mergemaster -p
	make installworld
	mergemaster -i
	rm ${SENTINEL}.*

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