5.3-BETA1 install failure (was: 5.3-BETA1 install floppies working?)

David Syphers dsyphers at u.washington.edu
Fri Aug 27 23:39:11 PDT 2004

On Friday 27 August 2004 07:12 pm, David Syphers wrote:
> On Friday 27 August 2004 09:59 am, Ken Smith wrote:
> > As part of my testing procedure I go through before uploading i386
> > release stuff I test a floppy-initiated FTP-based install on a desktop
> > machine.  It passed that test.  I'd suspect a bad floppy disk itself
> Yup, you were right... 

Oh boy... since you successfully completed an install, perhaps you can tell me 
which local problem causes this error (I'm now using floppies that seem good 
- fdformat doesn't see any problems, anyway). After it uses KERN2, and asks 
for BOOT again, I get this error:

ata1-master: timeout sending command = a1
ata1-master: issueing ATAPI_IDENTIFY command
ad0: WARNING - READ_DMA interrupt was seen but timeout fired LBA=1
ATAPI_RESET time = 60us
acd0: CDROM <NEC CD-ROM DRIVE:288/3.04> at ata1-master P104
Mounting root from ufs:/dev/md0
spec_getpages: (md0) I/O read failure: (error = 5) bp 0xc2d8ad74 vp 0xc1711ab3
	size: 1024, resid: 1024, a_count: 932, valid: 0x0
	nread: 0, reqpage: 0, pindex: 500, pcount: 1
vm_fault: pager read error, pid 1 (swapper)
init died (signal 6, exit 0)
panic: going nowhere without my init!
cpuid = 0;
KDB: enter: panic
[thread 100003]
Stopped at	kdb_enter +0x2b: nop

(This was transcribed by hand, but the "issueing" typo isn't mine; it's in the 



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