Søren Schmidt sos at
Fri Aug 27 15:00:45 PDT 2004

Joe Rhett wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 30, 2004 at 03:00:11PM +0200, Sren Schmidt wrote:
>>yuval levy wrote:
>>>Good day
>>>Is support for the Sil3114 (as found on Tyan S2882
>>>motherboard) in RAID mode planned for FreeBSD 5.3?
>>Depends on which RAID type your particular one is using. The "RAID" on 
>>these controllers are done in software so the driver has to know how to 
>>read the metadata defining the RAID setup from the drives.
>>Currently I support Promise/HighPoint/LSI metadata, Adaptec is being 
>>worked on..
> This answer leaves us to guess what you mean.  Could you be more explicit
> about what you do and don't support with the sil3114 controller?

I do support the *hardware* that is the SiI3114 chip. That means you 
will get access to the individual disks on the 4 SATA channels just like 
any other (S)ATA controller.

Now the RAID "stuff" you are talking about is all done in *software* so 
  it depends on the BIOS type/vendor and what type of metadata it uses. 
Software RAID's are supported from Promise/HighPoint/LSI as I stated 
above, if thats not what you have the ATA driver doesn't know how to 
pick up the metadata from the disks, and therefore doesn't know what the 
RAID looks like.

However, atacontrol can create at RAID for you on any type of (S)ATA 
controller, you just have to live with certain restrictions, se 'man 
atacontrol' for details.


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