Bug reports requested - acpi

Roman Kurakin rik at cronyx.ru
Fri Aug 27 10:38:08 PDT 2004

I've put old code in current Curent and get same panic.
I've need a gun but I do not know the object of it application
this one PC or me self. I need to check sources one more
time. I've really tired of it.


By the way, in any case ACPI this problem or not (in case
I've mixed up sources) could you point to any "ACPI for
dummies" resource so that I will be able to understand smth
from ACPI code?


Roman Kurakin wrote:

> Nate Lawson wrote:
>> Roman Kurakin wrote:
>>> You want it:
>>> http://docs.freebsd.org/cgi/getmsg.cgi?fetch=2624308+0+/usr/local/www/db/text/2004/freebsd-current/20040822.freebsd-current 
>>> It seems that problems I have due to acpi code update between 
>>> 2004-08-13 and 2004-08-14.
>>> I'll check tomorrow that I didn't mix up sources.
>>> I've just applied changes in vm code that was made while 13-14, and 
>>> after
>>> restart I was able to log in to buggy system. So vm is not the place 
>>> of problems.
>>> The only unapplied patch is a acpi changes.
>> Does booting without ACPI fix the problem?
> No. Only safe mode. As I understand it also turn off MP.
> I've just updated to current Current, so I may send fresh dump do you 
> need it?
> But I hope I've described it more detailed ;-)
> Again, if I set break point at install_ap_tramp this function start to 
> work correctly.
> (No trap at write access). And panic occures from other place (And I 
> unable to fix
> it by debugging ;-)) in mp_machdep.c.
> I don't have remote power control over that machine so I have only two 
> hours to
> test smth with direct access. After that I will go to home. I can 
> access to that
> machine remotely but it may stuck whith some big enough probability at 
> any reboot.
> It seems that this machine has many ACPI related problem, but this is 
> only machine
> I could use for testing ISA drivers for SMP, so I don't have choice ;-(
> Now I'll try to understan what part of that ACPI commit I could leave 
> and which to
> backout to minimize search area.
> rik
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