5.3-BETA1 install floppies working?

David Booth wbooth at austin.rr.com
Fri Aug 27 08:08:05 PDT 2004

David Syphers wrote:

>Has anyone succesfully used the install floppies for 5.3-BETA1? When I tried, 
>it wasn't able to load the kernel successfully from the kern1 floppy (didn't 
>ask for the kern2 floppy, so I'm not sure what that's for). I'm curious 
>whether my computer is just crazy, or if there's actually something wrong 
>with the floppies (which I assume don't get a lot of testing these days).
>[Note to pedants: 1. yes, I know this isn't a bug report. I don't have the 
>exact error handy, and I don't care too much because 2. yes, I'm well aware 
>BETA2 is due out today. I'm just curious.]
>Thanks for the info,
The floppies loaded fine for me, but it would not activate any pccards 
for me. 
It never seemed to even apply power to the cards.  I tried with a prism2 
and NE2000
card that both work fine with the install floppies from  5.2.1 Release. 

Once I got 5.3-BETA1 installed, the cards worked fine there.  The 
problem was
just with the install floppies.  I saw this behavior on two machines
(Dell Inspiron 5000 and Dell Inspiron 5000E) which both use the TI 
1225.   I tried
it with and without ACPI.

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