PLEASE TEST: IPI deadlock avoidance patch

Willem Jan Withagen wjw at
Fri Aug 27 06:01:44 PDT 2004

>> Signal 6 is SIGABRT, which is usually intentional. You'd have to 
>> check the
>> output for a specific process that abended.  I'd also have to scan the
>> make code for any abort() calls.
> I have not given it much attention yet, since I'm bussy doing other 
> things right now.
> But on my dual AMD64 box compiling the current 5.3 Beta generated also 
> 'Abort Trap' while doing a
> buildworld -j 32. Compiling without -j worked fine, and now I'm at 5.3 
> B1, so I can test again.
> It ws running a 5.3B1 kernel.
> I'll let you know if the problem persists

The above was with last mondays kernel.
This mornings 5.3B1 when running 'make -j 32 buildworld', did not 
generate any errors


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