Bug reports requested - acpi

Roman Kurakin rik at cronyx.ru
Fri Aug 27 04:02:07 PDT 2004

You want it:


It seems that problems I have due to acpi code update between 2004-08-13 
and 2004-08-14.
I'll check tomorrow that I didn't mix up sources.

I send this report while catching my LORs so I didn't include first part 
of trace.
Since for LOR it is a part of witness code. Initialy I didn't pay any 
to the first half of trace.
I can't send it now since I've started from wrong disk and unable to log 
on to
machine that could access buggy one via console :-(

 >From install_ap_tramp while copping srt => dst I got a trap while attempt
to write to dst. (I've checked dst is readable). Trap calls a code from 
which in turn tries to lock (mtx_lock). And system hangs while this attempt.
I've just applied changes in vm code that was made while 13-14, and after
restart I was able to log in to buggy system. So vm is not the place of 
The only unapplied patch is a acpi changes.


Nate Lawson:

> If you have a system that panics or hangs when booting with acpi 
> enabled but works ok if it is disabled, please let me know.  You 
> should be running RELENG_5 or -current, no 5.2 or 4.x reports please.

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