"unexpected status bit(s) 800000<PCIPERR>" and "PCI parity error" messages with twe and 3ware Escalade 7506-4LP

Darren Pilgrim dmp at bitfreak.org
Fri Aug 27 02:56:23 PDT 2004

From: "Francois Tigeot" <ftigeot at wolfpond.org>
> There is a PCI interaction problem with some 3Ware cards. This seems
> awfully close to what I saw with a 8506 and a Tyan mainboard.
> Look at the following URL for details:
> https://www.3ware.com/kbadmin/attachments/TM900-0045-00%20Rev%20A_P.pdf

I just get a blank page, directory listing is disabled and
https://www.3ware.com/ is some kind of secure login.  I couldn't get any
kind of relevant information from the Knowledgebase, either.

Can you point me at another copy of the file or, better yet, and HTML
version of the same?

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