use of moused on 5.3-BETA1 causes hard freeze

Philip Paeps philip at
Thu Aug 26 21:09:14 PDT 2004

On 2004-08-25 14:50:40 (+0100), Vince Hoffman <jhary at> wrote:
> Since cvsuping and recompiling I can no longer use moused as it lock up the
> computer (or at lease freezes mouse and keyboard, i havent had a chance to
> see it i can ssh in post moused.) computer is a toshiba portege A100 and
> uses a synaptics touchpad, last cvsup was yesterday

Could you add options PSM_DEBUG=2 to your kernel and post the chatty output of
the psm driver?  It will tell you things about 'info' and 'capa'.  Does your
laptop have only a touchpad, or does it also have extra pointer gadgets?

> I'm aware that the synaptics support is being looked at but it doesnt
> mention breakage to this extent

I'd prefer it not to break to this extent :-o

 - Philip

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