bsdtar eats CPU when extracting POSIX tar archive

Tim Kientzle kientzle at
Wed Aug 25 23:55:29 PDT 2004

Jun Kuriyama wrote:
> Tim Kientzle wrote:
>>I'm suspicious that all of the time being used is
>>system time. 
> Thank you for your investigation.  This problem is happened on my dual
> P-III box, but I cannot reproduce it on another P4 box.  I'll try what
> is different on them.
> Looks kqueue related?

Looks like it could be network related.  I see almost
5,000 calls to recvfrom.  With that much network I/O,
any network issues on that box would definitely cause problems.

Do you know what's causing that?  Is it uid/gid lookups,
perhaps?  bsdtar does not (yet) do any caching of uid/gid
lookups; once I implement that, it will definitely have a
big performance impact for folks using NIS or LDAP.  But
that still seems like a lot.  I wonder if there's something
else going on?


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