reboot on freebsd 5.3-beta1

Jon Noack noackjr at
Wed Aug 25 19:11:34 PDT 2004

On 08/25/04 13:31, Don Lewis wrote:
> On 25 Aug, bettan wrote:
>> When i reboot , i have Syncing disk , vnodes remaining and numbers
>> but it isn't quickly and i don't umount my files systems before the
>> reboot.
> It should print a number once per second.  The numbers should quickly
> decrease to something in the low single digits. It is not unusual to see
> the number decrease to zero and then bounce back up a couple of times.
> Spending about 10 seconds or so at this stage is not unexpected.

This is a relatively recent change in behavior to workaround the fact 
that IDE/ATA controllers/drives report that they have successfully 
written data before they actually perform the write.  With the old quick 
sync, people were experiencing corruption and data loss when rebooting. 
  The new behavior is much more conservative and is designed to minimize 

That was all off the top of my head so someone please correct me if I 
remembered wrong.


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