freebsd-current Digest, Vol 73, Issue 14

Mario A. Doria mariodoria at
Wed Aug 25 13:21:13 PDT 2004

> Yes, I meant 5.3 :-)
> So what's state is (g)vinum likely to be in for 5.3? I'm hesitant to
> upgrade because it appears that the system is moving from under
> vinum's feet, and gvinum isn't there yet. What are people who are
> currently using vinum on earlier 5.x's going to do until gvinum is
> finished?

Well, I have two machines running RELENG_5 from yesterday. One machine 
has four SCSI disks, two in a concatenated volume and two in a mirrored 
volume. I created everything in vinum, rebooted and reloaded in gvinum, 
no problems. This machine has been running make -j16 buildworlds on 
that volume for the last 36 hours.

In another, I had two disks with a concatenated volume, and because I 
had two vinum drives in each disk, all hell broke loose. It wouldn't 
recognize the proper size of the volume, lose information, report disks 
as crashed and after a reboot, report everything was fine. I could 
reconfigure the vinum configuration using "vinum", and it would run OK 
until a reboot. Now I only have one vinum drive per disk, but still I 
have problems. I'm going to reformat the disks and start over.


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